Violencia Doméstica

We provide a full range of counseling and supportive services for all those impacted by domestic violence to keep families safe.

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Do you…

Feel like your partner is controlling you?

Feel like you can’t do anything right?

Feel scared of what your partner might do to you?

Have family/friends who have expressed concern for your safety?

HAS can help.

Our BASTA! (Enough!) Domestic Violence Program is free to all participants and provides a wide range of counseling and supportive services for survivors of domestic violence. Our top priority is to keep survivors and their vulnerable family members safe. 

We operate under a trauma-informed, strength-based model that emphasizes empowerment and independent decision-making. Participants are given information, encouragement, and support in order to rebuild their lives and achieve safety, self-sufficiency, and peace for themselves and their families.

On an individual and group basis, we help our participants in the areas of:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Safety planning
  • Court and legal advocacy
  • Gaining access to services

We also work closely with community partners to link participants with needed resources including children’s services, healthcare, legal assistance, emergency food, and shelter. 

Our Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP) provides psychoeducational group counseling to those who have caused harm to their intimate partners. The program aims to provide a layer of safety for victims/survivors and hold those responsible for harm accountable.  Participants will learn about domestic violence and recognize and understand their abusive behaviors are choices they have made, and they will learn to replace those unhealthy behaviors with healthy ones. PAIP is offered to both men and women and is gender-specific.

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All services are offered in both English and Spanish. All services are provided in a caring, supportive, culturally sensitive environment and are completely confidential.