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Control de la ira

Anger can become a destructive cycle, but it doesn’t have to be. Our counselors are here to help.

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Do you…

Feel like you get angry at the smallest things?

Have trouble remembering why you were angry?

Have friends/family share concerns about your anger?

Have trouble keeping a job, relationship or stable place to live because of your anger?

HAS can help.

Controlling anger is a common struggle for many individuals. Left unchecked, it can consume us and cause harm to ourselves and loved ones. 

Our counselors help participants take control of anger using cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and other proven anger management strategies. We offer both group and individual anger management interventions.  

Although participation is voluntary, individuals may fulfill a court mandate by successfully completing this program.

The 18-hour program consists of:

  • Eight 2-hour group sessions
  • Individual intake and exit sessions
  • Individualized Anger Management Plan
  • Certificate awarded upon successful completion

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