The idea for H.A.S. was born in the summer of 1972, when two recovering alcoholics in Chicago’s northwest side shared their dismay with the lack of organized treatment services for Hispanic neighborhoods. Two years later, after a formal assessment confirmed the need for bilingual, culturally-sensitive behavioral health services in the city, Hispano Alcoholism Services opened its doors.

Since then, H.A.S. has expanded operations to 14 facilities throughout the Chicago area, becoming one of the region’s leading providers of behavioral health services and building a reputation for its strong cultural competency among our most underserved neighborhoods.

H.A.S. has grown in expertise, capabilities and service offerings as well, prompting our name change to Healthcare Alternative Systems in 1993.  Our roots in alcoholism treatment have grown to include a comprehensive array of substance use counseling, treatment and supportive care, including residential treatment programs and facilities.  Beyond substance use disorder, HAS provides a range of mental illness, domestic violence and anger management services that employ our participant-centered approach to help clients achieve successful and fulfilling outcomes.  We have also expanded beyond our facilities to provide community services to help those in need where they are.

Today, H.A.S. remains the foremost provider of recovery services to Chicago’s Latino community. We are committed to a policy of inclusion and are proud to serve a highly diverse population of English and Spanish speaking adolescents and adults of all genders and backgrounds across the Chicago area. While our services have expanded to meet the needs of our participants, we remain devoted to quality and innovation while retaining our local roots. After nearly forty years of service, growth, and innovation, H.A.S. continues to be a truly community-based organization.

HAS ribbon-cutting ceremony