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Substance Use

Our holistic approach to substance use counseling, treatment and supportive care has helped thousands complete their path to recovery.

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Are you….

Using substances to cope with daily stressors more often?

Missing work or school more often because of your usage?

Spending more money on entertainment than you normally do?

For individuals seeking recovery from alcohol and substance use disorders, our care-based team is here to help.   We formulate the optimal treatment plan for every patient, beginning with a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment so we can identify needs, treatment goals, and treatment barriers. 

We offer a wide array of outpatient (OP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment groups to help participants battle substance dependency and abuse and build a foundation for a healthy and hopeful future.

During treatment, participants work closely with staff to:

  • create their own individualized treatment and recovery plans
  • learn about the disease process of dependency
  • understand and accept their own chemical dependence
  • explore healthy lifestyles

With our Medicated Assisted Recovery, we help adult participants overcome addiction to opiates by supplying them with medication that eases withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This in conjunction with counseling and other forms of support sets them on the road to long-term recovery.

For offenders of driving under the influence, our DUI programs promote conscious and informed decision-making, reduce the likelihood of repeat offenses, and satisfy the requirements of court-mandated DUI classes.

We provide Continuing Care to individuals who have successfully completed substance abuse treatment and would like further support in maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a real-world setting. Non-clinical group sessions meet once or twice each month to provide feedback and support during the early stages of recovery and build a foundation for ongoing success. In our Recovery Support Services program, a mentor with personal experience in recovery will guide participants to forge a strong foundation of recovery and healing. Through the process, individuals gain the knowledge and resources to function independently in real-life settings.

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