H.A.S. is committed to delivering the highest standard and quality of care to all our participants. To do so, we apply our Continuous Quality Improvement Program to ensure the quality and continual improvement of our services.

The Continuous Quality Improvement Program features:

Participant Satisfaction Surveys:

Participants are surveyed on a quarterly basis to obtain their input, feedback, and ideas about the programs and services provided. Based on the results, H.A.S. modifies program policies and procedures and service delivery practices to better suit participant needs.

Utilization Review:

On a regular basis, Quality Assurance reviews and audits the clinical necessity of services provided, admission and discharge criteria and decisions, the adequacy and completeness of participant records, and the overall quality of documentation and delivery of services.

Performance Standards:

H.A.S. regularly monitors our treatment standards against national and local standards to ensure that our programs meet or exceed them.


Staff at H.A.S. receive in-house trainings or attend off-site trainings to stay on top of the emerging trends and information in behavioral health and treatment models, to obtain Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) and maintain their licensures, and ensure best practices in the services they provide.

Effective Treatment/Service Planning:

H.A.S. drives successful outcomes and ensures cost-effectiveness by carefully evaluating new participants at intake and addressing their needs with the least-restrictive level of appropriate care. During their time with H.A.S., participants are involved in the creation and updating of treatment/service plans to identify and work towards goals to better improve their lives and situations.

The Quality Assurance Department and the Continuous Quality Improvement Program allows H.A.S. to monitor the quality of our services, identify areas of improvement, implement changes, and assess those changes to ensure that our services are constantly improving and positively impacting the lives of the participants we serve.

If you have a concern, issue, or recommendation regarding the services or programs at H.A.S., please complete and submit the following form. If selected, someone from our staff will follow up with you as soon as possible. Thank you.