Our integrated set of bilingual recovery services is intended for all people, regardless of insurance eligibility or financial status.

The road to recovery is rarely short or easy.

It can be riddled with bumps, setbacks, twists and turns, which can lead to hopelessness and despair. That’s why connection is so important – connection to trusted people who can help, give support during times of challenges and guide the path ahead.

For 50 years,

HAS has been relied upon by thousands of individuals and families to support their path to healing and fulfillment, and year after year, our participants achieve recovery at significantly higher rates than the state average.

Our Treatment Model

Our holistic model features three integrated service areas that, together, surround individuals and their families with a continuous connection of support and empowerment.

Our counselors take a progressive, participant-centered approach that meets clients where they are, tailoring a personal plan of counseling, treatment and supportive care to their specific needs.

Practice Areas & Programs

Please call us at (312) 850-0050 to schedule an appointment, or for information regarding referrals, assessments, or hours of operation.