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Programs For Men
HAS understands that behavioral health services, including substance abuse treatment, work best when they are personalized and tailored to meet each individual’s needs. We offer a variety of unique, culturally competent programs for English- and Spanish-speaking men.
Programs For Women
HAS offers several programs created especially for women, including substance abuse programming designed to meet the unique needs of women in recovery. Our programs are highly structured, offered in Spanish and English, and culturally sensitive.
Programs For Youth
Youth programming at HAS provides healthy alternatives to risky behaviors and works to instill the self-esteem and life skills youth need to become productive, well-adjusted adults.
Community Education
At HAS, we understand that individual behavioral health services are only part of the picture. We also provide a variety of programs that build stronger, family-friendly communities and help vulnerable populations become productive, fully-integrated community members.
  • Bernadine K., Women’s Program
    If you keep trying, miracles can happen! [Read More]
    ~ Bernadine K., Women’s Program
  • Glenda C., Postpartum Depression
    I think I’m less panicky, more willing to try new things, talk to new people. [Read More]
    ~ Glenda C., Postpartum Depression
  • Bobby G., Recovery Management
    I felt accepted at HAS, so I opened up. Now I can talk about who I am anywhere. [Read More]
    ~ Bobby G., Recovery Management
  • Maria K., Women’s Program
    Treatment here worked for me, and I want to be here to help it work for others. [Read More]
    ~ Maria K., Women’s Program

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