The Annual H.A.S. Golf Fore Recovery Fundraiser is back for its 14th year on Monday, August 23, 2021! This ‘great day for a great cause’ was established in 2008 to raise awareness of behavioral health issues, support H.A.S. programming, and build our ties to the Chicagoland business community. All proceeds benefit H.A.S. programs including mental health and substance use treatment; help for individuals experiencing domestic violence and postpartum depression; and programs that steer at-risk youth away from substance use, teen pregnancy, and gang involvement. We are so excited to get back on the green and can’t wait to see you all there!

Countdown to an un-FORE-gettable experience!









Hole In One Sponsor - $5,000

  • One (1) Foursome for golf, lunch, and dinner
  • Welcome and dinner signage recognition Prominent Website Feature (may include sponsor-created image, story, video, etc.)
  • Featured Highlight in Quarterly Newsletter
  • Logo inclusion in event collateral/materials
  • Hole signage (assigned priority holes [1, 9, 10, and 18 as available])
  • Promotional table/opportunity available at a priority hole (as requested)

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Eagle Sponsor - $3,500

  • One (1) Foursome for golf, lunch, and dinner
  • Dinner signage recognition
  • Website Feature (may include sponsor-created image, story, video, etc.)
  • Logo inclusion in event promotional materials
  • Hole signage
  • Promotional table/opportunity available

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Birdie Sponsor - $2,500

  • One (1) Foursome for golf, lunch, and dinner
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  • Hole signage

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Activities Sponsor - $1,000

  • Game Hole Sponsor: logo inclusion at game hole
  • Take a Break Sponsor: Cigars – logo inclusion at hole and engagement opportunity (via promotional table or other coordinated efforts)
  • Take a Sip Sponsor: Spirits – logo inclusion at hole and engagement opportunity (via promotional table or other coordinated efforts)

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Dinner Beverage Sponsor - $1,000

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Hole Sponsor - $500

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Dinner - $100

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Golfing Opportunities - $700-$2,000

  • Foursome: Foursome for golf, lunch and dinner
  • Individual: Individual golf, lunch and dinner

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Foursome – $2,000
Individual – $700


Educating Communities

H.A.S. strives to bring individual and community based program initiatives together to promote stronger, healthier and family-friendly communities.

Programs for Youth

Youth programming at H.A.S. provides healthy alternatives to risky behaviors, instilling the life skills youth need to become productive, well-adjusted adults.

Programs for Women

H.A.S. provides bilingual and culturally-sensitive programs addressing issues from substance to emotional abuse designed to meet the unique needs of women.

Programs for Men

H.A.S. provides programs for English and Spanish speaking men in recovery that provide them with the tools to transition to substance-free self-sufficiency.


Adnan Assad has been serving as H.A.S.’ Board President for over 6 years – dedicating his time and resources to a cause he truly believes in. In addition to his valuable input on organizational success, he oversees the fundraising committee responsible for donor outreach and engagement.

Adnan has served on numerous non-for-profit boards and committees and has been committed to the community for over 15 years. In addition to his role at H.A.S., Adnan also serves on the board of Christopher House, another local organization.

When asked about his role as Board President and why he – and H.A.S. – do what they do, Adnan fondly recalls the Annual Alumni Event where former participants reconnect and celebrate their recovery journeys. “You see people who are just so happy about where they are in life now,” he says, “and so happy for one another; these are individuals who have worked for sobriety and are getting their lives back on track. It really hits home then: we’re doing a great job. Every person involved in this organization has made a difference in someone’s life.”

Outside of his community service life, Adnan has 23 years of commercial banking experience in Chicago. He joined the team at First Midwest Bank in 2014 and is currently Senior Vice President and Business Banking Group Manager, responsible for the management, growth and sales activity for his group. He also manages a specialty lending group focusing on franchise lending. Additionally, Adnan recently completed a signature fellow program and was inducted into the Leadership Greater Chicago Community of Fellows and the Leadership Fellows Association.

Your contribution to Golf Fore Recovery will be applied in its entirety to prevention and treatment programs at H.A.S.
Read some of our participants’ stories below.


Dan’s* first visit to H.A.S. was rocky. He was so severely intoxicated that staff required the assistance of paramedics to get him stabilized. At the time, he was dealing with the challenges of a disability and housing insecurity. In addition, he was dually diagnosed with alcoholism and major depression. Counselors at H.A.S. worked with Dan for about a year until he found stability and a path to recovery. Dan was consistent in attending AA meetings via Zoom every week and was connected to a HUD housing program. His counselor continued with treatment by making house calls and routinely checking in on Dan. Today, he is compliant with his medication and living a healthy, fulfilling life. His recovery journey inspired him to help others, so he completed training and is now a certified peer support specialist working with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).


Ana* was facing many difficulties in her life when she turned to the H.A.S. NEXA team for help. In addition to having Substance Use Disorder (SUD), she was unemployed, estranged from her family, living in a shelter and experiencing depression. However, Ana had a strong desire to change her life for the better and was committed to her recovery program. Nine months later, she has reconnected with her family, secured her own apartment, and is celebrating 8 months of being substance-free! During this time, Ana also found work at a flower shop. Ana consistently expresses her gratitude to the H.A.S. NEXA team, and often brings in flowers and thank you notes to brighten their day! We are truly proud of Ana and honored to be part of her recovery journey.


Jerry* came to H.A.S. in need of support as he struggled with alcohol use. His wife was also facing the same challenges, making Jerry’s recovery more difficult. Due to several relapses, he was on and off a transplant list as he awaited a new liver. His counselor at H.A.S. worked with him through individual sessions, and eventually helped him join online AA meetings. During this time, Jerry’s health was quickly deteriorating. As he became more fragile, his counselor made efforts to provide comfortable accommodations for their counseling sessions. After maintaining one year in recovery, Jerry finally got the call to undergo liver transplant surgery. Post-surgery, he continued meeting with his counselor at H.A.S., and Jerry’s wife also committed to her own recovery journey. They both attended AA meetings and renewed their vows soon after. Both Jerry’s health and his outlook on life improved, and he was successfully discharge.


When James, 66, first arrived at Healthcare Alternative System, Inc.’s Transitional Housing Program (THP), he was ready for change. After several painful years of loss, grief and drug use, James decided that there was so much more of life left to live, and he wanted to live it to its fullest.

Before his wife passed, she had asked that James go on with his life, no matter the circumstances. For James, however, that was easier said than done. “I had a wonderful wife – a good person,” he says. “She was the best thing that came into my life other than my children. And 4 years ago, she had a brain aneurism and she died in my arms.” Within the timespan of two years, James had lost not only his wife, but his only brother and nephew, as well.

Consumed by grief and anger, James turned to drugs to relieve the pain. Soon his days revolved solely around acquiring drugs and chasing highs. “In my area, cocaine and heroin was easy to get so that’s what I used, that’s what everybody used,” he says.

James’ addiction caused him to lose sight of any goals he had, including his own financial and housing security. He quickly spent through his retirement funds because he saw no reason to be saving. When his landlord put his building up for sale, James needed to find a new place to live. He admits that he ignored the responsibility of looking for new housing, and when the time came, he moved his belongings into a storage facility. He moved himself into a crack house.

About a month later, James came to a life-changing decision. “One particular morning, I got up and things just didn’t seem the same anymore. Nothing was the same, because I was out of my apartment. I was staying in this crack house,” he recalls. “Once you get that sense of doing the right thing, and you can feel it in your heart, and you can feel it in your soul that you’re doing something wrong – your conscience starts to eat at you, you know? So, I moved away from there.”

He temporarily moved in with his sister and reached out to Terry, his counselor at H.A.S.’ NEXA Medication Assisted Treatment Program (MAT). Terry gave James the option of joining THP where they had a bed waiting for him. He accepted.

James has been at THP for three months, and he feels like he’s made so much progress along the way. He works hard to maintain his health and stay in the treatment program. He’s bonded with staff and feels comfortable, motivated and hopeful for the future. He’s even cooking up meals in the THP kitchen.

James appreciates the staff at MAT and THP for their support throughout his recovery journey, especially during the difficult times. When speaking about Terry, he says, “No matter what happened, she wouldn’t let me go.”

The staff at THP receive similar recognition from James. “I really appreciate Jose and Julio, and this house. It’s a wonderful place. Since I’ve been here, I’ve enjoyed every day. I enjoy waking up. My mind is clear,” he says. “What I gave them, compared to what they gave to me, was more than I’ve ever had. I’ve never had this much in my life; this much freedom. And what they asked me to do were things that I’m supposed to do as a person.”

Looking ahead, James hopes to move out on his own and reconnect with family. He also wants to travel. He’s been to an impressive forty-eight states so far. On his list now are Maine, Louisiana, and a trip to visit his daughter, a psychologist in Oakland, CA. In the midst of all the travel, he plans on finishing a cookbook he began to document his soul food recipes.

James’ advice for anyone seeking change in their lives is clear and direct. “If you want this, you can have it, too. All you have to do is want it. You have to really want to change. You have to get rid of all that anger, all that animosity against everybody. Until you do that, you’re going to be the same person. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

On his own journey, James has taken several steps forward and is confident that he has the resources and support he needs to keep going.