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Helping low-income, immigrant, and refugee high school students gain the skills, support, and resources to succeed

Healthcare Alternative Systems (H.A.S.) is thrilled to announce a partnership with MENTEE, a nonprofit organization which provides immigrant, refugee, and low-income high school students with career exposure, mentorship, and support to empower them to realize their dreams. As a referral partner, H.A.S. is available to provide behavioral health services and programming to MENTEE students who seek its unique, culturally-competent resources.

H.A.S. and MENTEE are particularly well-suited as partners because of their commitment to working with low-income populations who may need services in a language other than English. Not only do many H.A.S. staff speak Spanish, but all staff are highly cognizant of cultural norms and challenges facing Chicago’s Hispanic community and other diverse populations; the collaboration with MENTEE was a natural fit. The two organizations share an appreciation for the specific cultural and linguistic needs of the individuals they serve, and can provide care, programming, and support that are tailored to meet those needs.

MENTEE teachers and counselors can refer their students to H.A.S. for substance use treatment, mental health counseling, and other services that complement the job skills building, career planning, and relationship development the organization focuses on. Further, students themselves can approach their mentors with a request to meet with a H.A.S. representative to see what programs they can participate in. This partnership epitomizes the wraparound approach that is so integral to the health, wellness, and success of our community’s youth.

In December H.A.S. will partner with MENTEE on a mini-campaign inspired by International Migrants Day on December 18. This worldwide day of recognizing the challenges faced by migrants and refugees provides an opportunity for people of all backgrounds to give to the organizations that work to make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable populations—organizations like H.A.S. and MENTEE. We are honored to be part of this important initiative and hope you will join in solidarity with H.A.S., MENTEE, and of course the countless diverse residents who have helped create the rich cultural tapestry that is Chicago.

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