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Helen C. Peirce teacher Maria Roche and Youth Prevention Manager Julia Romero

On June 9, 2011, HAS CEO Marco Jacome and Youth Treatment Manager Julia Romero visited Edgewater’s Helen C. Peirce School of International Studies to talk about the importance of avoiding drugs and alcohol—and to thank Spanish teacher Maria Roche and her class for their support.  Earlier in the year, Ms. Roche’s class completed a research project on substance abuse and prevention.  “It was sad to see how much drugs can hurt you and the people around you that you love,” remembers seventh-grader Jessica M.  They then searched for organizations making a difference in this area, eventually choosing one to support as a class.  After selecting HAS, the class held a Saturday bake sale and donated the proceeds—$31.00—to our Youth Treatment and prevention programs.  “It was tiring to wake up on a Saturday,” Jessica says, “but what kept us going was our determination to give back to our community and help others live a better and fuller life.”  She describes the overall experience as a positive one: “it helped explain to us that even though we were just seventh-graders, we could help change the world.”  HAS plans to continue its relationship with the Helen C. Peirce School and is hoping to host the class for a tour of our youth programs in the fall.